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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by theOtherGuy, May 22, 2007.

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    I guess I've been more vocal lately...sorry for all the topics. Must be the Prozac...

    Anyways, I had a weird dream...made me depressed. This is how it goes...

    So, I was at work and then I was looking for a girl there, named 'A.' She was nowhere to be found, so I asked other people where A was. They said that she hasn't been to work for awhile and that nobody knows where she is. The first thought that came to my mind was, "Something must of happened to her..." Then, I was looking for another girl at work, her name was 'K.' She was nowhere to be found either. So, I called A's cell phone, nobody picked up. I called K's cell phone, no answer either. Then I called K again, this time, someone picked up.

    There was nobody on the phone, but then I started hearing a faint whimpering. It sort of sounded like a girl's voice (or I wanted it to sound like a girl's voice). I couldn't make out anything she was saying, but I kept saying on the phone, "K, where are you?" I kept saying it, over and over again. The phone hung up. I called again, it was silent for awhile, then suddenly, I heard a guy's voice. The voice said, "I'll take that phone," and it hung up. I called again, this time, not even an answer.

    First thing that occurred to me, A and K must of been kidnapped. Suddenly, I was back at my house (not my apartment), and my sister was there. I was telling my sister all of this. I then called 9-1-1. You know how on television and what not, when people call 9-1-1, they're all panicky and almost screaming on the phone, like "HELP! I need an AMBULANCE RIGHT AWAY!." You know, like that. Instead, when I picked up the phone, I was in a very flat tone...like...."help, people have been kidnapped..., I need help right away...." A VERY flat tone. After I hung up, I actually thought to myself, "WTF IS WRONG WITH ME, I SHOULD BE WORRIED."

    After a while, I decided to take matters into my own hands. So, somehow (I can't tell you how it was possible), my sister and I figured out a way to track the phone call. I can't remember the name of the place exactly, but it was Oak..something...Oak Valley? Anyways, that was the place. Then suddenly, my sister was gone, and the car was gone. It occurred to me that my sister went up there to investigate. Suddenly, I got a call on my phone, I picked up. It was my sister, she was asking me for help, and then the phone hung up...

    I was thinking, "What can I DO NOW? Everyone's been kidnapped!"

    Suddenly, in my house, there was a giant hole in the wall covered up by a board. Sort of like a trap door kind of hole, not like a giant rat hole. Like a 3x3 square hole with a board on it. I broke open the board, then within the hole, I could hear faint voices. It sounded like the people that got kidnapped...before I could go in...

    I WOKE UP. My frat/stoner roommate came home. Son of a bitch. I felt like crap when I woke up. I knew it was only a dream, but it was as though I wanted so desperately to save them. But by waking up, I couldn't save them. Even though it was a dream, I felt bad for not being able to save them. For the entire day, I kept thinking to myself, I could of saved them... I know it wasn't real in any way, I saw A and K the next day at work, but when I saw them, I just felt horrible about the dream. I felt so helpless and weak...I can't even save someone in my dream, how can help anyone IRL (in real-life)?

    (P.S. Thanks for moving this post)
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