a dream of wwII

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    i woke up from this dream appreciating life so much... never have i EVER experienced this type of pain before... i am so lucky that i have never had to deal with any sort of emotional trauma close to this...

    anyways... here it is...

    it was world war II and the nazis were going through every house to find not only people but belongings that they wanted.

    i could begin to hear them as they began to come down the streets, going in and out of the small polish houses.

    i got up the courage to look out the window. i could see that they were far off, but the sound of guns, random grenades and screaming began to grow loud. smoke was beginning to billow up from random fires into the already grey and gloomy sky.

    i was so scared and worried for my family and was so intent on protecting them.

    i was the artist of the family, and so what i was trying to do was create 'realistic' looking death certificates. in this way, if the nazis came asking for some of my family, we could prove that they were dead so they would leave us be.

    this is where the dream became more of a dream.

    to make the certificates more valid, they needed blood of some sort. so i'd have to punch a hole through the hand of the person that i was doing the certificate for.

    now, i had a lot of family. i remember at least having 2 other brothers and sisters. but the only ones that were home with me at the time were my younger brother and mother.

    the nazis were getting closer and i was getting so scared. i became frantic and irrational almost. yelling at my mother for me to let her punch the hole in her hand (it had to be in the flap between your thumb and first finger)

    i remember crying because i barely finished their certificates and hid under the bed when i heard the nazis come into my home.

    they began to speak to my mother and i could feel every heart beat pound in my ear as the adrenaline (fight or flight) began to course through me.

    but i was crying. i was so disturbingly terrified. praying to god through my mind that i would be a lucky one.

    tears were just falling. i didn't want my mother or brothers and sisters to die.

    i didn't want to die.

    my mother continued to talk to them, and i found that hours had passed. night was going to come soon.

    somehow, i was zapped forward in time, and i didn't even realize that the men had left and my mother was sitting in the living room.

    i got up from under the bed and called my mothers name softly.

    i could then see through the door to the living room and a man's shadow was being cast. i began to bolt back somewhere to hide, frustrated with myself for being so foolish. i looked back again at the shadow and realized it was a different uniform. he didn't wear the same uniform as the evil men, but i couldn't tell if he was good or bad.

    from the dream i got that he was bad, but no where near as evil as the men who were killing people in the streets earlier.

    that's when i realized that he was leaving.

    i went to talk to my mother and she began to tell me how the nazis had left.

    i then bolted towards the window and could see many dead bodies and belongings in the street. however, some of the bodies came back to life. i guess they were people who were pretending to be dead...

    i was so flustered. too many mixed emotions.

    i rushed outside and sat in the corner of my back yard.

    now this part i remember most vividly.

    my back yard was very haggard and there was a lot of undergrowth taking over. on top of that, it was fall, so a lot of the wood was practically black and all of the leaves were gone.

    i then looked up, the branches of my leafless tree in the corner of my eye. only to see the orange sun being blocked out by thick clouds of smoke.

    some of the smoke was so close that it wafted right above my house.

    i remember this was a revelational time for me of some sort. like a time where i looked at my situation in reality. thinking about the war, why it was, what was happening, and accepting that i would try my best to get through it.

    and a lot of praying to god i will say.

    i went back into my house and could hear more screams begin to ensue. i then looked out the window and watched as people who had been able to survive the first round by playing dead were shot on the spot.

    horror struck my every nerve.

    i didn't know what to do and was out of time so i ran to the bathroom and hid in the bathtub, crying silently behind its thin curtain.

    now i don't remember much after this, but i do remember having a gun pointed at my face

    but now the dream shifts and i am in the streets of an urban area. like a city with shops surrounding me.

    there are no cars going through, and everyone is free to run around how they wish

    now, this is where it gets weird

    i find out that there is going to be a rave and i find myself growing angry.

    now, its not the same type of rave one may think of. it was more or so like a giant party. and people were dressed more modern then i was for some reason.

    what idiots would hold a huge gathering like that with the nazis out like they are?

    are they wanting to make it easy for the nazis to gas and shoot them? this would be a massacre all in one area...

    i end up finding myself at this rave and there are so many people entering this old building or church, i cannot tell.

    i begin to talk to a lot of the people and its like they have no real idea about the nazis. and even if they do, they could care less.

    either way, i am very angry at these people and find that i am looking for my older brother in this crowd.

    i find him and tell him to come with us (his family) and he just laughs at me. its like the nazis mean nothing to him. he isn't worried because the atmosphere of the party is making him feel safe even though it is probably the stupidest place for him to be.

    i begin to beg him because i didn't want him to die and that's when my dream ends...

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    Maybe the WWII stuff is from a past life memory?.....If you believe in that sort of thing :dunno:
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