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    My dad who is 75 years old ( lymphoma cancer ) has a wish and it is his only wish and probably his very last wish. I don't know what else to do but pray. So would you all help pray with me?

    I would like to ask for prayers for Dad's wish to be granted. He wants so bad to go to the holiday world and splashing safari theme park. every time he sees it on tv he says i want to go there.

    I did some searching online and made quite a few phone calls on this. The cheapest thing i have found for 4 days ( the full weeks is a lot more money ) but for the 4 days we can get a rental RV. This RV is at the lake rudolph campground and is one of their permanate RV sites. It sleeps 8 people and there is 10 of us, 6 adults with 2 seniors and 4 kids. I asked the lady on the phone if there was a way we could put up a tent outside the RV but she said no so we have to get 2 RV rentals. They have cabins avalible for that date but they also only sleep 8 people and the cheapest is 2 RV instead of the 2 Cabins. Dad can't sleep on the ground in a tent due to the huge knot on his neck . so we have to have an RV or a cabin. For 2 RV's for 4 nights plus the discount tickets ( they are at this campground and cheaper then at the gate ) you get the 2 day ticket ( for 2 days to the parks ) for around $1650 That does not include gas money for 2 vans ( a 6 cylinder and a 4 cylinder )for us to drive up there. i looked online for a van rental but to rent a van that holds 12 people from enterprice is really high for one week so we have to take our own vehicles. plus whatever food we would need. Dad wants to spend a whole week but we just will not be able to and it is going to be kind of hard just to get this amount. So we told dad we would try to be able to stay 4 days at the campground, spend 2 of those days at holiday world and splashing safari, then for the next 3 days go on up to demont to spend with his brother and stop by his mom and dad's grave and he said that will be alright..

    The campground is right across from the park and there is a shuttle bus that will take you to the park for free. the campground was rated number 1 for 2008-2009. I checked the hotels in and around the area but they are really expensive. most have only 4 people to a room and that would be like 4 rooms and the rooms vary from 56 to 135 per night, so that is a whole lot more then just staying in the rental RV at the campground. If anyone knows of anyone with 2 rvs or at least one huge one that they would be willing to let us use we could then stay a week for cheaper just pm me and let me know.

    here is a link to the campground and holiday world in case anyone decides to visit sometime. From what i see of it it looks pretty cool.


    and holiday world


    Please keep dad in your prayers that if it be to God's will that he will get to go here. No need to reply here just pray, God will know who you are. thanks.

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    Im praying for him hun :hug:
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