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A empty lost soul

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Yoyogirl86, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Yoyogirl86

    Yoyogirl86 Well-Known Member

    Hiya All

    I have recently finished university for the summer and due to start my next two modules in October, however at the moment I am feeling like an empty lost soul, there's absolutely nothing for me to do and quite frankly I am bored of this pathetic existence . I do all the usual activities such as applying for jobs (which creates even more anxiety than its worth) I have my blog that I am updating regularly and my story that I am working on as well. However I am still trying to feel this void with things to do and I still feel empty. I have tried looking for social clubs in my area, however there is absolutely nothing for my age group unless :
    • Under five years old
    • Have a moderate/severe learning disability
    • enjoy getting pissed in pubs which is great but when I have no friends it can be daunting and also i don't go out in evening and it would cause my anxiety to rise further than it is already.
    • child or teenager
    • OAP
    I am neither of these things, i have tried so many options including help from social services, adult community learning colleges and now I am left with absolute nothing.

    I have specific reasons why I don't want to go adult learning college

    • full of patronising tutors who talk down to everyone, you feel like your 3 years old with zero self esteem (not great when my self esteem is already extremely low)
    • The "tutors" don't really know their subject and often just print off exercises from the internet to do and I am sure everyone with a half a brain can do that with their eyes shut. I'm sure a bunch of pre gcse students would know more than they do.
    • The "tutors" often have cancel classes at short notice and students are usually the last on the colleges list
    • The lessons can be extreme boring and hardly anyone turns up
    • Its full of clients/patients I used to see in social services (I worked for social services) and is the same old boring people from my town centre.
    • if I wanted to email them with a query, the email they use doesn't work an when you do get a reply i could bloody googled the answer myself in five minutes.