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For the first time in a good while, I feel really depressed. I don't have anything going for me and it seems im falling apart. My grades are slipping and my mom is still mentally unstable and bashes holes in the wall. The world is so bleak and has no hope for me.


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The hand of rue seems to be spewing a mass concentration of sadness into me.
I'm mentally demented, depressed, stupid, not straight, am not very bright, and ugly.
God. I hate this.
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look I'm really sorry you're feeling this way and I understand it's difficult only because I've gone through this and I'm going through this now.
Things could be as bad as they are now, but just remember nothing is pointless and things arn't always going to be so bad.
There's always going to be help out there and someone to talk to. There's always people who care. If no one's ever around, you can always IM me on aim, msn, or yahoo (sns are in my profile)
You may not have things going for you now, but there's always times in life when you're going to feel like that, and it will not alwys be so bad.
Please don't say all those things about yourself. Don't think f yourself as stupid or ugly or anything.
Life will start looking up. You'll find it in you.
Hear me out?


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Aww, thank you.
It realy means a lot that someone spent the effort to tell me that.
I feel so invisible and isolated I thought I wasn't human anymore.


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I am only happy when recieving loads of attention.
I need to figure this out.
I need to find the strength.
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I'm mixed on the whole attention thing myself. Sometimes it's the only thing I want in the world...other times I wish everyone would leave me alone.

*hands you a bit of strength*
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