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    Trust no one

    So, You have friends, and you have alot
    All is well, aslong as your girlfrind is not to hot
    You buddys are around, they know what shit is bad
    So sometimes the spit shit, to make her feel glad
    You buddys are supposed to guard your girl, like she is their sister
    Not wait intill the time is right, and try to get with her
    I always thought you could trust a friend
    Shit, I thought me and mine would be homies till the end
    I would have done anything for them,Lie,Cheat or steal
    Cuz what I thought i had with mine, that shit was Real
    But I guess i was wrong, altho I should right
    when this kind of stuff happens, onthing to do is fight
    They may say, I didn't do anything wrong
    we were just chillin, and she touched my schlong
    It doesn't matter if the chick takes the first shot
    if something goes down, your gonna be caught
    their supposed to say No, he is my like a brother to me
    and i would never do anything to hurt him, can't u see
    So, now you will hear them say, It was just flirting, and all in Fun
    That is why i wrote this, to let everyone know, Trust no one

    (I wrote that one when i found out my friend was trying to mess with my Girl)

    A mans Dream

    What does a man think of, when no one is around
    being with the woman of his dreams, strolling thru town
    Pulling her close and holding her tight
    So the whole world knows its right
    Its a wonderful thing, to have someone to hold
    being together forever, and growing old
    To have a person he can share his life with
    But i suppose a love like that, is merey a myth
    but even if its a myth or legend, a man will always look
    after all,its always shown, T.V, Radio and even books
    its like that fountain of youth,heard of but never seen
    but if she is ever found,she will be treated like a queen
    So finding your perfect mate,after all it takes 2 to make a team
    I can't speak for the rest, but that's what is in This mans Dream

    (That one is for my Ex)

    My little boy

    It was more than a year ago, when my life changed
    So I did what all would do,and my priority's were rearranged
    I was told, God had granted me a wonderful gift
    At first i was scared, but my sprites did lift
    I thought of my Handsome Son, or beautiful daughter
    and I would do what ever it takes,Come hell or high water
    I will take care of that special little soul
    My life was a mess, but I had to gain Control
    So after a few months of not knowing the sex
    Its a boy, and my pride grew to the size of ol T Rex
    I am going to have a legacy,some one to have my name
    I can only hope he holds it, with no shame
    I am not the man i should be,or could be for that fact
    at some point, my life jumped off tract
    I wasn't watching,or paying attention when it went down hill
    so now I feel like I am in a hole, and its starting to fill
    But its ok, I will prove to everyone, I can do it
    Cuz its not about me, so I can never quit
    Its about my heart,my soul, my son
    So if fighting what it takes, I can never run.
    I will do what it takes to get him all he wants and needs
    its easy now, a joice cup, few toys, and maby some beads
    He is so big,strong and smart
    I love that boy with all my heart
    There is nothing he can ever do to make me stop being there
    I wish i had cheddar so he could live with out a care
    He is growing big,tall and stronger with everyday
    When i look upon him, its hard to belive he still a baby
    I wish i was the man he needed me to be
    I feel as tho my life is locked and i can not find the key
    I am lost now, for i dont get to see my son much anymore
    When i hold him, i feel i have the strength of the mighty Thor
    Buts days go by without him in my life. i just sit and cry on the floor
    I hope i can Get my shit together, so i can be there, and get him
    whatever he needs.no matter the cost of the toy
    For belive it or not. He is my heart,My soul, My life......My Little Boy

    (my son)

    Released Anger

    So, You say what you want, and do what ever you want to do.
    Well what i am about to say, is long overdue
    You see, I have listened to everything with a smile on my face
    Trying to let you know how I feel, and give you enough space.
    Well its all coming to an end, cuz its now my turn
    After all i have heard, my stomach starting to churn
    So let me start with the First,and by no means the best
    He is the one that touchs himself, far more than the rest
    There he waits, in the shadows outside
    next to the window, watching his beloved bride
    But the Arms of the man, that she's with in
    They are not his, So now he thinks,what may have been
    He wonders what he did to loss her,the love of his life
    Maybe instead of touching himself, he should have touched his wife
    When you read this, i know you are gonna say what did he do to deserve this
    for you to get back with him, that he insists.
    Not to mention that fact that he is a coward
    I am glad he knows, that if he comes at me, he will be grossly over powered.
    So maybe thats why he only said shit when i wasn't around
    But if i hear he is running the mouth again, I will hunt him down.
    He doesn't know me, Doesn't who I am
    If he was to try me, his Soul I will Damn
    I know he would never, so i am not worried at all.
    after all, he hasn't the time, he would rather play with his cock and balls,
    Shit that was one of the bigger problems with you and him
    He would rather do it himself, then mess with your trim.
    having a sexy woman like yourself, and just to leave you be
    He must be a sicko, just look in his eyes and you will see
    All you have to do is look hard enough
    I am not doing this to appear tough
    I just want to let you know that you are not the only one with an issue
    Don't let him read this, he may need a tissue

    So, now allow me to move onto contestant number two
    The one that is on a ship. ha. might as well be a canoe
    He is the one that got left ashore for me
    and you say nothing is going on,then why sexy pics he wanted to see
    If his path and mine ever cross, i hope someone will be there to stop the maddness
    For destroying that sailor boy, has become my new quests
    He has no respect for any other man
    but its cool, Cuz I am going to crush him like a soda can
    There is nothing no one can do to stop the beating
    his time on this earth, should be considered fleeting
    I am going to rip his arms off and beat him with them
    If i see him, his Soul I will condemn
    Hey, on his trip to iraq, he may get lucky
    and his ship get pulled under, like a little rubber ducky
    When i talk about losing my cool, you think its a game
    But I promise, the anger inside there is no way to tame
    He will get his when the time is right,
    when i get done with him, it will look like a bomb site
    I am talking about Blood,Bruises and broken bones
    instead of meeting me, I hope he mets Davy Jones.

    So in short, Just let sailor boy know he can call me the Kraken
    And to be honest. I am not sweating the other one, shit he can't stop Jacken
    So allow me to skim over another one or two,
    Like the one that had plans for a 3way, and invited you
    To bad it was his friend that had to have that crash
    its all fun and games, I know, Shit I am just white trash
    Also, that chump with the broken arm.
    You think its funny, how anytime your around,he lays on the charm
    I wonder if he thinks he is safe, or i feel sorry, cuz the little cast
    But fucking that punk up, can be added to my list of tasks
    Now, I know you are going to say, that nothing is going on with any of them
    But you egged it on, thought it was funny, now my hearts beating 1000 RPMs
    And they may not want you to keep, maybe just to borrow
    FUCK IT, I'm thru getting upset over it, Just call me, The Man of Tomorrow!

    For my Ex
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