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    this is a small portion to my (still growing)collection of original poems.

    Smile For Me

    Blue skies,
    orange sunsets,
    red lips,
    white smiles,
    green and brown eyes,
    the colors of the city,
    all mixed together,
    making gray and showing in my soul.

    Spring skies,
    summer goodbyes,
    autumn tears,
    and winter fears,
    all show in my eyes,
    all at once,
    never once being noticed,
    and clouding my head in worry and distrust.

    Broken hearts,
    once fixed problems,
    saved lives,
    and losing touch every second,
    never noticing I'm falling for the one I love most,
    and never showing love,
    only showing lies and hate,
    tearing us apart.

    Her memory makes me miserable,
    hating myself for how I treated her,
    and how much I never noticed things before,
    the smell of the air or the colors of the things around me,
    even the state of my sanity,
    which slowly deteriorates as my love moves farther away.

    Smile for me babe,
    so I can sleep,
    sleep and know you're okay,
    smile for me babe,
    and make sure it's real.

    Green vs. Brown

    Green eyes stare into my brown ones,
    her's are easy to read now,
    filled with hurt,
    mine are blank,
    even she can't read me,
    little does she know I feel the same,
    but not for him,
    for what he's doing to her.

    She always underestimated how much I knew,
    how much I cared,
    how much I cried when she smiled,
    faking to show she could be okay somehow,
    but she won't until its done,
    and neither will I.

    Watching her cry makes me cry,
    seeing her low makes me go lower,
    lower than I was on my own,
    but she doesn't need to now that,
    she doesn't need to now the harbored feelings,
    that keep me lower than she can imagine.

    They will never come out,
    not to her at least,
    she can't know,
    it will only make the low,
    not her's,

    As the green eyes begin to cry again,
    the brown look away,
    hiding the tears that creep up on me,
    just from the sight of her tears,
    I die inside.

    Green always wins.


    Her brown eyes hide the hurt,
    the pain,
    the want in her heart,
    the want for things to change for the better,
    to end everything.

    Her mask is thick,
    no one can see through it,
    except the people that know her best,
    but even they can't see her eyes through a text.

    She turned to the blade,
    the perfect substitute,
    for the one she counted on most,
    but it only tore them apart more,
    which made the bite of the blade,
    all the more satisfying.

    She tries to stop,
    but it takes more than threats,
    to get this broken soul
    to take the stitches out
    that hold the pieces together.

    Without them,
    she is a million tiny pieces,
    stuffed into one small area,
    the perfect,
    the worst,
    the best,


    The echo of your voice rang in my head,
    leaving echoes in my ears,
    disappearing when you said goodbye,
    screaming when you said I miss you,
    and practically splitting my head when you whispered the magic words,
    the words that showed me you'd changed,
    the ones that spoke truth for both of us,
    and the words that led to what was great,
    and broken.

    You left with a tear in your eye,
    you called with a break in your heart,
    you confessed with a smile on your face,
    you proved it all with lipstick on my sheets,
    and you broke me with tears on your cheeks,
    leaving my memories filled with tears,
    and my heart filled with want and yet empty,
    and surrounded by hurt.

    I left you with silent screams in my heart,
    I answered with tears on my pillow,
    I listened with open arms and an open heart,
    I accepted with your lips on mine,
    I watched you walk out with tears on my cheeks,
    and I waited with anxious days and sleepless nights,
    only caring if you came back,
    and didn't care how long it took.

    The hurt and love consumed my soul,
    the smoke filled my lungs,
    the drinks clouded my brain,
    and the void grew bigger and bigger,
    waiting for her to return,
    waiting for her to return my heart,
    and waiting for her to take her place,
    next to me,
    for eternity.


    No longer needing senses,
    or emotions even,
    I squeeze my eyes shut,
    picture her face,
    and replay our most devilish deeds,
    the ultimate test of strength.

    I replay every memory of her,
    from when we met,
    to when we said goodbye,
    the best months of my life,
    now a blur in my brain.

    I do the unthinkable,
    making her hate me more,
    breaking the promises I've made,
    still being honoured after weeks apart,
    I remember,
    and hate myself more.

    I cry,
    she cries,
    I break,
    she's already broken,
    the need to be numb,
    it's overwhelming,
    the want for death,
    it consumes me.

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