A few poems i wrote a long time ago

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    History holds tragedy
    and tragedy is truth
    sinning souls will burn for this
    and hopeful saints will rule
    and as tempting as the apple
    im not a fan of fruit
    so its only fair to assume
    that maybe we're all wrong
    maybe we've been preaching
    when we should've been writing songs
    and maybe ive got it twisted
    if so im off to hell
    and yes im afraid
    but, i guess, oh well

    Everything ive been told is a lie
    santa isnt real and big girls do cry
    Life isnt easy and neither is school
    i used to believe in love, but back then i was a fool
    Fairy tales are made up
    and so is happily ever after
    and never have i met someone whos life is full of laughter
    Sticks and stone will break your bones
    and words can break your heart
    and being made fun of
    can tear even the strongest apart
    Not everyone is nice and kind
    no matter how sweet you are
    Size does matter
    but not the size of your heart
    [or that nasty dirty part]
    its the size of your wallet that will win you praise
    the bigger the better
    and the more you get laid
    and makeup, no matter how much you buy
    can never hide you scars
    or your twisted tragic lies

    A secret is born
    from a life that is torn
    that is lived by a broken child
    No matter what path she takes
    her life still gets worse in every which way
    and her pain has made her lose her smile
    She wishes to fit in
    but she cannot find a friend
    that will stay for more than just a little while
    and as the tears run down her face
    she runs away
    from her secret that was born
    from her life that is torn
    that is lived by this broken child
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