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  1. sadgirl2

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    1. My World

    My world has turn so very dark
    Arms gently pulling me inside
    Accepting for a person like me
    To forever more reside
    The other world has no place for me
    I’m a loser, unwanted, a waste
    Replace me with someone of value
    That will not just take up space
    This person that will replace me
    Will accomplish so much more than me
    People will see how really stupid I was
    They will finally see what I see
    The day will come
    And I will be gone
    I wonder what people will say
    Will they even remember who I was?
    Or will I just be another name[/CENTER

    2. Marion[/LEFT]
    Was a very special person
    Didn’t like overcast days
    Got excited when she had train wrecks in her head
    Always had her Sharkey’s cup
    A pitcher of water near by
    Was a very special person
    Didn’t deserve to die
    Had so much more to give
    Accomplished more than I ever could
    Was a very special person
    Helped me define feelings that caused me so much pain
    Patiently worked with me to earn my trust
    To listen
    And understand me
    Make me feel wanted
    Was a very special person
    I will miss tremendously
    Think about always
    Keep her in my heart

    Her body now transformedinto a lightpowdery ash;
    Light and dark gray silky ash;
    Poured into the wind, it movedquickly, silently;
    Dead, she was more alivethan ever;
    In the city withit’s lively movement upon it’s streets;
    In the mountains, with the greenery andbrisk mountain air;
    Visiting the oceans on her way;
    soaking in the sun and coolness of it’s waves;
    With peopleshe loved as they went about theirday;
    Close to them,feelingthem, enjoying every minute;
    Them hugging her just as close, toshare in the moments

    By now your getting sick of these...
    Please don't care about me
    Don't bestow the honor to me
    I'm just a wad of nothing
    Don't waste your time on me
    Please don't care about me
    I'm not worthy of your love
    You wouldn't like me if you knew me
    Just ask God above
    Please don't care about me
    My walls are tall and strong
    They keep all caring people out
    Don't stick around too long
    Please don't care about me
    Cause then I'd have to live
    I really don't want to hurt you
    But it's more than I can give
    The End​

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  2. theleastofthese

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    What if I want to stick around for you? WHat if I DON'T consider you a waste of space or time? You are no less important or worthy of life than me or anyone else!:smile: Love your poems - I can truly relate to the feelings you express, sad as they are. Please keep sharing your feelings with us. I feel honored that you let me have a peek inside your soul.:smile:

    love you,

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