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a few questions

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by Izziebabystar, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Izziebabystar

    Izziebabystar Well-Known Member

    im not sure who else to turn to to talk about something like this and the first place ii thought of was here.
    i dont know if you guys can help me but any effort will be much apreciated (please ignore my awful spelling)
    to write down everything would be to long
    but ill put most of it in short

    my ex best friend found out her 4 year old daughter has been touched so to speak.
    my parter and i were living with them both so he was the first suspect
    my best freind was in so much shock anger and confusion when she found out ( i was with her when she was told by social services)
    there was no proof it was my parter
    she got it into her head it must have been him
    she was given time alone with her daughter unsupivised
    and now the little girl is saying that my partner, the little girl and her mum were all in bed together and my partner was touching the little girl with the mum was screaming at him to stop
    this is the only bit of information the police have told me
    it doesnt add up right
    do you think that a 4 year olds words can be taken as evidence
    children are so easy to maipluate etc
    sorry im just so hurt and confused
    i do not belive with all my heart that my partner has done this
    im just so scared
  2. ladycathy1

    ladycathy1 Active Member

    Children that young can be made to believe just about anything by their parent or someone they love. Does the child go to any form of daycare? Anyone who is in contact with the child can be guilty. Woman and men. I know both have molested children of both genders. Fathers, uncles, cousins and even friends of the family are known to be molesters.
    Have your boyfriend take a lie detection test to prove his innocence. It seems that people who are accused of a sexual crime against children have a hard time getting away from the charge-even when they did not do anything wrong. He needs to fight the charge. Has the mother taken the child to a doctor? You both need to stay away from this mother and child for your own safety.
    You have to ask yourself if he has ever been alone with her? It is time to get a professional help for him. A lawyer would be the best place to go. If you need to talk again. Please write me. I am not a professional-just someone who has seen it in my family. Cathy
  3. Izziebabystar

    Izziebabystar Well-Known Member

    the little girl is at school full time. i know i have been doing alot of research into it all reading about alot of cases. that sounds like a good idea. ill look into the lie detector test. i know ive been getting awful messages and things beacause im still with him. people have expected me to just drop him when i belive hes innocent. and yes the police are involved and the child spent 2 days in hospital being checked out and she has definatly been touched. we have both cut all contact with the mother and child even though all of our belongings are still at the family home. ive asked myself that question maybe a hunderd times. and he never has been. the mother belives that he got up in the night and touched her. ive thought this through over and over and it still comes to the same thing. he cant even roll over in his sleep without my panicking and waking up thinking hes leaving me ir something silly like that. so i really dont belive that he would get up for that and hes dead to the world when he goes to be theres no waking him up belive me ive tried.
    ive been thinking about that but i dont know. they always seem so cold and it kind of scares me in a way
    thank you so much for your reply. its hard to talk about it but it brings me slight peace of mind knowing i can talk about it
    all the best
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