A few reasons not to kill yourself

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by A Reformed Depressive, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. 1. Everything always improves, over a long enough timeline. If you can ride the negative parts out, you will feel better eventually. I was suicidal for the best part of 10 years. I just popped out of it about three months ago and I feel better than I ever did before. More creative, more productive, more ahppy.

    2. Your past cannot dictate your future unless you allow it to. A large part of my problem is that I was always looking back to happier times. Or looking back at my mistakes, my failures. I learned to look forward and realisied my future can be bright if I want it to. Nothing is set in stone.

    3. People do love you. It's about relating to them in the right way. Learn to accept the pieces of love that are thrown your way without doubting the intentions or motives, or truth. Just appreciate the good bits, and try to let the bad wash over you while knowing you can improve.

    4. The world is not your enemy unless you look at it that way. The world is a massively varied object, full of love and hate. What you choose to bring into your head is up to you, and to a certain extent, to what you allow others to force on you. Be stronger than anyone who wants to hurt you, and be stronger than your own negativity.

    Hopefully someone can glean something from this. Know I have been there, if I can come through so can anybody.

    Keep strong, and have fun when the opportunity presents itself.

  2. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    yeah but why does it matter? from the moment we are created we are headed towards the inevitable. why delay it?
  3. jacknife

    jacknife Guest

    Perhaps life and death are of equal insignificance.

    Perhaps it's presumptuous for one to dictate their personal preferences to others in this way; for an individual to expect the entirety of humanity in our complexity to shape our sacred and beloved morality all to the same form.
  4. depleted_soul

    depleted_soul Well-Known Member

    1. I disagree that everything always improves. Despite all of my efforts over the years, nothing has improved and has in fact only gotten worse.

    2. I'm not focusing on my past, or the future for that matter. All we have is the present so I try to focus on that.

    3. I'm aware and accept the fact that people love me but that does not change the way things are for me. It's not a reason for me to stay alive.

    4. I've never looked at the world as my enemy. I fully know that I am my own worst enemy.

    What about people with schizophrenia and other disorders? They are not choosing to hear the voices and other things going on in their heads.

    For many people, especially those with mental illness, it is not as simple as being stronger. It is easy to tell someone to be strong but it's just not possible for everyone to do so.
  5. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    How could there be such a thing as a "reformed depressive"? I don't think there could even be a "recovering depressive" because this is not something one can abstain from. Not even negativity for most of us because negativity is influenced by the condition of the brain.

    I think the above can be listed as available tools to use to fight as much as we can, but as with all tools, they don't always work.

    Thank you for your good intentions.
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