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    Here are some older poems, short and sweet, but I still like them.


    Are you still a dreamer like me?
    Do you still have hopes and wishes?
    Together, we are a fortress unbroken
    Stronger than all of the elements surrounding us
    So come, take my hand, hold it tight
    And come run in the sky with me tonight

    Love TKO

    You've just hit me, boy, with your love
    Feels like a punch to my heart
    Almost too unreal to express
    Seems like you're boxing with my emotions
    Yet it feels so good, so soothing
    I want to step right into this ring
    Give me your best shot, babe
    C'mon now, it hurts so good
    When you give me a love TKO


    I can't feel the sunshine anymore
    At least now that I have fallen
    Fallen into the shadow of hell
    Can I find my way out before it's too late?
    Will I be rescued, or will I soon die?
    I cannot find my way through this darkened abyss
    As ebony demons, evil, lurk about
    I'm petrified to go another step
    Afraid that the thin ice might break under pressure
    But then I see a crack of light, my hopes arise
    Could it be? Is it true?
    Am I finally brought back to my life?

    Show You Where It's At

    Oh babe, your feelings run so deep
    When you touch me, I get chills down my spine
    I want you to get closer to me
    So I can get a little closer to you
    Tonight is the night, babe
    When we're gonna let all our inhibitions slide
    I know you're feeling the way I feel
    So don't be shy, don't be afraid
    Lift me up higher to another place
    You caress my body, it feels divine
    No way I can wait till the end of time
    Now is the time, so get ready for what follows
    Don't be insecure, find shelter in my arms
    And I can hold you through the night
    I'll keep you warm with my love, alright


    I've placed a shield around my heart
    So tough you'll never break through
    I never want to love you again
    Which is the sole reason why I'm blocking you out
    Don't say you didn't mean it
    That it was just a spur of the moment fling
    Why do I see you holding her hand now?
    Why do I see you kissing her cherry lips?
    So goodbye, my love, au revoir
    Never to return on a whim
    I will never be holding you again
    For I will only be holding him
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