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A Few Words describing How I Feel.

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you don't know the pain I feel...you don't love me

words like daggers, sharpe... and then you cut me

pain inflicted ......deep beneath the skin

sit hunched over ...palms contain my chin

dreams I had....stolen within an instant

A happy boy....a man appearing distant

end all this.....erasing my existance

try to fight .... thoughts are too persistant

succomb and give-in..... the time is growing near

I can't go on.....at least this much is clear.

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Hi Deathwalking, and welcome...how very sad, but how very poignant...thank you for sharing it...i hope you see that many ppl here feel similiarlly, and that we are here to share, support and care; please continue to let us know how you are doing...big hugs, Jackie
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