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A friend in need, a friend indeed

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It s been a while since i last had thoughts about suicide, i am feeling a lot better lately, i have started to socialise and stuff so i guess yay!!!Tonite i am having one of my regular moodswings for no reason at all but haven t thought about suicide for not even a sec, so i must be getting over it..The problem about me is that i feel immature,silly and untalented in almost everything i try...Anyway, i ve noticed that being in this forum and trying to help others makes me feel a bit useful, so i want to offer my help to anyone who might need it...I m not sure i can help cos as i said i m immature, plus i don t have a lot of free time although i check my mails daily...I m here to help if i can cos that makes me feel better ;i hope that doesn t sound that pathetic. PM me people!!!
It is nice that you are willing to try and help others here. Remember that we are here to offer you support as well. Take care hun. :hug:
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