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A friend of mine has recently been to a mental hospital because she tried to kill herself. She's now out of hospital but still shows signs of suicidal thoughts, especially on her blog.

I don't really know what I'm looking to find here to help her with, I just want a second opinion on how far she's gone.

And in case people assume I'm that girl, I'm not, I'm just somebody who loves her a lot but I currently live in another continent on the other side of the planet so I can't see her at all.
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All you can do hun is support her talk to her and if you can get her email or some connection to her then when she does get bad you will have someway to get help to her hugs


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Yep, the only thing you can do is support her. Very sorry to hear about this, it's really sad to hear people are feeling so down. :(
Well, I told her I love her yesterday, and that I didn't want her to die.
At first she thought I was just saying stuff to convince her not to kill herself, but eventually she got the message that I really do love her.

She's in a boarding school where they only let her go on facebook during the weekends, so that kinda sucks, but at least I got her e-mail before the website filter went up again.

Now I'm wondering what to do. I promised to draw a portrait from a picture for her, but I'm not much of an artist. I got the basic outline correct, just can't nail the eyes and the hair. Suppose I have to start over. Ah well.


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Just do the best job you can. She knows that you genuinely care about her... how well you draw the picture of her shouldn't matter as long as you put forth the effort to do something special for her. :hug:
Yeah, I understand she would appreciate the drawing either way, she's also been saying she's ugly, and I don't want her to think that even more because of my drawing.
I want to achieve the opposite.
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