A fun couple of weeks

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    So feel so overwhelmed with all the shit that’s going on with life right now, just need to rant, get everything off my chest so to speak.

    Had myself a roommate for a whopping 6 months, almost a new recorded until he stopped paying, three months and nothing just the same bullshit week after week. Tells me he has a job finely about three weeks ago and then bam come home to the dumbass smoking pot up in his room, now I don’t care what people do but when I tell you not to do that shit in the house why would you just light up? So I ended up kicking him out cause I knew another friend was looking for a place to stay and asked him to get his crap out in a couple of weeks. Every time he would come by to pick something up I would ask him when he was planning on moving his stuff out. Never did get an answer so me and a friend moved all his stuff to a storage unit, probably not the correct thing to do but I hate when someone is just fucking with me, he doesn’t give a shit and I am tired of dealing with him. I have the fun of finding him this weekend and seeing what happens so that should be all kinds of fun.

    Work has been crushing for the last two weeks being down a person, I am getting so sick of all the people that don’t want to lift a finger or do anything but surf the web all damn day long, I like what I do for a living but it sick watching people that don’t know how to do the job they were hired for and being able to just slide by cause they have been their for so long and having to pick up all of their slack. I just wish people would do their own share.

    Just so much to worry about its finally getting the better of me, getting panic attacks at work and hoping no one notices, its hard to concentrate when you want to get up from the chair and just scream. Everything seems to be failing apart and just want to grab a couple of cases of beer and just forget everything but I know how bad that can make things, I am not the happiest drunk in the world but damn its so temping to just pick up a bottle and drink away tomorrow. I just want this whole month to be over, fuck it right now I just want this whole damn life to be over and done with.

    Only off for an hour and I have to get ready for work again tomorrow, get up and go in early for some stupid meeting where they tell us how great things are going, I just wish they would let me have that time to myself; I need to find a dark cave and hide from all this shit.