a girl in my dream

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i had this dream the other night, i cant remember the environment i was in.
all i can remember is this girl, she looks like ive seen her before, the whole dream i was looking into her eyes and stroking her back. she was saying something to me but i couldnt hear her. the dream started getting very fuzzy and dark like i was blacking out and i woke up.

i wona know where she was from, is it possible your mind can make people up? or have i actually seen her before?
The mind is definitely capable of making people up, and it's possible that this girl was a combination of various people you know or have seen. I mean I don't know how all of that works and can't say for sure that dreams can't be prophetic or whatever, but I'd still put my money on your brain stitching together various images into a person. As it turns out, even memory is technically constructed. When we remember something, we're actually piecing it together rather than basically opening a file (I learned this from WNYC's Radiolab show "Memory and Forgetting"-- http://www.radiolab.org/2007/jun/07/). I think it's likely dreams do the same thing.

Either way, I hope you figure out what the dream means to you! I think that's most important.


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Sounds like a wonderful dream. I think I've married made up girls in my dreams before. I wish I could dream all the time. Like in Inception. I would never come back to this wreched world. I'd rather live in my own fantasy.

That sounds like basically all you'd want/need too. A girl to hold or hold you!


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Once you start remembering your dreams you start to notice how 'people' live in them! Dreams produce so much variety. It's hard not to be impressed sometimes. I think what dreams are doing is creating what we expect to see with some randomness thrown in. I also think brains are all about estimating what the future will be. Dreams are just another way of estimating the future too. My best theory is that dreams are an evolutionary mechanism to prepare us for potential realities that might present themselves at a later time.

What makes humans so special? I think what makes us special is we have a mirror universe inside us that reflects the one that's outside. We use our inner universe to help predict the future and prevent or encourage certain outcomes.

Our mirror universe is not a perfect copy of the one outside. It's just our brain's best attempt at mimicry. The differences between people means there're different inner universes. Thus, we each produce different behaviors and characteristics. The fact that our brain doens't produce a perfect copy of the universe outside probably works in our favor because it allows us to shape reality in dramatic ways. We cannot change the law of gravity (i think) or large scale features out of our reach, but we can be creative and paint our walls a different color or shape our houses in whichever way our inner universe wills them to be! Some imperfection is probably a good thing. Perfect mimicry would probably produce redundant and predictable behaviors such that most people would be clones of each other.
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