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    Once again i am comming here for advice because everyone here has been pretty good to me. Anyways i have two girls wanting to date me. I just dont know how to go about picking one. I am attached to both of them. Each one i have a small history with, that is no big deal. I want to do what my heart feels, whats best for me and at the same time want to make the right decision. How would everyone go about doing this? The list was much bigger and was reduced from alot to this. I will keep updating the thread and post more information later. I can always count on everyone from here to cheer me up when i am having a bad day!

    If everyone here knew the history behind it then maybe you would understand better. First of all there is this girl katherine. About a couple months into the relationship she cheated on me with someone while she was at school at iowa weslyan college. When she got back to illinois we continued to date and everything was fine for a year. then when she went off to korea on vacation. While she was there, I hung out with a girl named april who worked with me and we ended up liking each other. Well, one morning she came over to my parents house when no one was home at the time. we where in the family room messing around and my dad came in and caught us. he did not say anything and just walked out. when my girlfriend got back from her vacation i ended up having to choose either one or the other. I choose my girlfriend and was debating wether to tell her or not about what happened. I did not tell her. After april transfered stores and did not talk to me. my girlfriend had no idea until one day when i just could not go any longer because all the guilt build up. I finally told her and she ended up getting really mad at me. After a month she finally forgave me after long fights. My girlfriend ended up getting accepted into dominican university. Every night after work i would drive a hour plus from my work to her school and stay overnight with her in the dorms. This went on for a months until she decided she did not want to go there any more, so she moved back home to her parents. i moved in with her as well. After that we dated for a long time with few problems. We met tons of new friends together after always going to the bar. we threw parties at her house and always had a awsome time. While dating her met a guy named matthew and at the time had a girlfriend named nicole who worked with my girlfriend at walgreens. we all ended up being friends and always hung out. Well one day they broke up and where not going to get back together. Me and my current girlfriend where not doing good at the time as well. We where always fighting and things just no good. We finally broke up after I dated her for three and a half years total. when i was moving out of her house she threw my stuff out her window. That was not fun. after that happened she was really trying to get me back, because she really did love me. One night i was sitting in my work parking lot with my friend andrew. I drove up next to this silver integra, wanting to ask him to race me. We started talking cars. He introduced himself as lou. i was waiting for nicole to come over with her friend samantha. When they got there, we all where talking and decided to invite the guy i was talking to over. He did, and we all ended up drinking. Well it was getting late and lou had to go so he asked if anyone needed a ride. He ended up taking samantha home. we all went into my parents house. and we told andrew that we where going to go and get some sleep. me and nicole went up stairs in my room and layed down. We started kissing then after that the next thing i rember was we where having sex. A couple days later I asked out nicole at a glow in the dark mini golf place with baloons saying will you go out with me on them. She said yes and we enjoyed the rest of the night together. The next morning nicole and samantha came over really early to wake me up. But the ex katherine also showed up trying to get me back. There was lots of drama and fighting then we ended up leaving her at my parents house. One night i ended up meeting a guy customer named edgar at my work. me and him hung out and got to be close friend. nicole got into some money trouble with her parents. Well one afternoon she came over to my house with samantha crying. I asked her whats wrong and she would not tell me at first. I kept asking her, and she finally sat me down claiming that she was at xsport. Edgar came up to her from while she was on the treadmill and smaked her butt. Then she said she got finished working out, and went to her car and he was there waiting for her. He asked her to sit in the car. Then he started to drive around and when she asked where they where going, he replyed just driving around and talking. Then he drove to his house and went inside. she was sitting on the guest bed and he came back with no pants on. Then he got on top of her and forced her to hasve sex. Then she was crying in the corner, got her shoes on and left. Anyways i did not believe her so me and my younger brother daniel went to his house so we could talk to him. My brother swung at him and got thrown into the wall. I pulled edgar off of him and then his parents came out to see what was going on. We finally talked and i left. Then i broke up with nicole and dropped edgar as a friend because i did not believe either at the time. Both sides of the story sounded fishy. Anyways i have this friend megan and we where at burger king one night with andrew. She was sitting behind me and i ended up falling back in my chair. She grab my hand and did not let go. we ended up talking and she likes me now. we ended up hanging out alot with our group of friend. We kissed and held hands until one day she said she just wanted to be friend for a really stupid reason. Anyways after a week of really fighting for her she now wants me. I think now it would be a mistake because she has lots of problems of her own. she has school to worry about, her parents are really strict and wont approve of her dating someone older and they set lots of rescrictions such as not being able to use the phone after a certain time. I have been trying to distance myself, hoping the feelings would just go away. I started to talk to nicole again and started to have lots of feelings for her. Please help me cupid! im broken but where are the pieces?
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    This whole post sounds fishy.

    Stop worrying about obtaining a girlfriend when there is a plethora of drama circulating in your life. Rid yourself of the toxic friendships you're holding onto, and try to gain some insight into your own destructive behavior.