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    so yesterday was an AMAZING DAY. I got up feeling like crap as usual and decided to do some home work. I got my the majority of my final knocked out and then handed it in this morning. After that I saw TMNT (it sucks don't watch it) in a drive in theater where I got to flirt with a cute girl. gave her my number. I just hope I get my hoodie back :/ (if not my friend will collect it) and decided to take a new approach to applying for internships. I decided to turn myself and my house into a call center for legal internships. I called about 20 places and one called back and offered me one for this month until I go to law school which is like a yearl away from now!!! I was ecstatic because I am not even in law school yet and these normally go to law students. The place is 40 mins away and then I went to an interview for a hardware store, they offered me the job and when I went to collect my plates for my new car their boss heard about my interview at the hardware store and said "well you look the part, how would you like the job here at **** car dealership?" I was hired on the spot no interview.

    so needless to say this week went from crap crap crap to awesome in like seconds. Although I am still horribly disappointed with myself I think I am going to let myself enjoy this for the weekend. :D
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    So happy for you glad your day was a great one hugs