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    Let me start by saying that I've been sinking into a depression for the past 3 weeks or so, and things have kind of been rough. This week was a short week at my university for Thanksgiving break, and I just came back home today. Yesterday, one of my roommate's friends were having a get-together for a Thanksgiving dinner on campus, and the invitation was extended to me, too. I'm a pretty introverted person, so my response was reflexively "Oh, I don't know..." He managed to convince me to go, though, because he was pretty sure it was just going to be him, his friend, and a mutual friend of theirs. I partially made myself go, though, thinking that it might just be what I needed, after just sitting around, feeling empty for a while.

    As it turns out, which we should've honestly expected, because his friend is one of those extroverted, bubbly-personality types, it was less like 4 of us, and more like 12 of us, in a cramped little apartment room. I have to admit I froze up at first, even my roommate was caught off guard a little bit, he's kind of introverted too, but not nearly as badly as me, as I would say in my case it's a mixture of introversion and anxiety issues. We ended up getting settled in in a nice little corner though, and eased our way in fairly smoothly. Even though it was a little more crowded than I was expecting, I'm glad I went, and so was my roommate's friend. She was using her grandmother's recipe for typical Thanksgiving food, the turkey, stuffing, etc, and it was delicious. Of course, it was tradition in her family for everyone to share what they're thankful for, something which I can see being a nice tradition, but we've never really done in our family. Luckily, I was the next to last person to share; I barely managed to drag myself out there in the first place, I legitimately considered bailing when I realized I'd be put on the spot. It's kind of hard to make yourself think positively in the face of depression, but I did manage to get it out there that I was thankful for having such a great roommate, because he's really more than that, we're best friends, and I know I can talk to him about anything. Of course, everyone had a good laugh, joking around about our "bromance", but then a couple of the girls there pointed out that every time they talk to my roommate, I end up being a part of the conversation, too, and one of them said that they were thankful for me, that my roommate had such a good friend.

    From there, it just kinda descended into mundane conversation that I was completely out of the loop on, and I kinda started feeling out of place. After just kinda hanging out in our little corner, it didn't take long for me and my roommate to decide to head out, and even though everyone called us out on being introverts, they all seemed glad to have us there. Even though I only really knew my roommate, and I was just kind of "that guy's friend," as far as everyone else was concerned, I have to admit, it was surprisingly uplifting. I guess the combination of hearing a nice thing or two, having to force myself to think positively, and just being around generally happy people managed to help a little. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it magically made everything better, but it made yesterday evening and all of today kind of better, actually. It's the small steps that add up.
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    Kunera, Thank You, It was nice. Your message was simple but Beautiful. No real big elaborate statement but it meant a lot to me. The World and the People in it are not all bad. You were with people that were thoughtful and caring. You were fortunate to be with people that give meaning to the Holiday You and they were Celebrating. I Hope you have many more Like That. I give thanks for People Like You.
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    I'm glad that my experience gave you some meaning. As difficult as it is to make yourself get out and about occasionally when you're depressed, it can make a huge difference. Sometimes it doesn't, but if you keep putting yourself out there, and eventually something happens that lifts your spirits, even a little bit, it's worth it in the end.