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  1. sd-239192

    sd-239192 Well-Known Member

    Recently i have been set to work on creating a forum based chat site for my girlfriend's support group club that she started. i have made the site and advertised it but we have no hits... shes rather bummed out about this. does anyone have any ideas as to how we can get more people to just post a hello?

    i know its not anywhere nearly as professional as SF but this is the site we made


    so any ideas?
  2. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    Hi SD
    Well first of all you definitely have to let people know what the site is about. I clicked the link and I haven't a clue, there is nothing which immediately jumps out at me and lets me know what I have stumbled upon.

    Secondly it's good to use other similar sites for advertising, if it's a site about depression - go to depression sites, if it's about gaming, go to gaming sites, if it's about health, go to health site... and let people know there is a new website available, in a similar vein to the one they are on, if they want to come take a look. :)
  3. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Hiya SD. I agree with Aurora, the forums doesnt have anything to define it. It looks like the default setting too. Try looking for phpBB skins to give it some visual spice, and look into creating your own banner instead of the defualt "phpBB yourdomain". The title of the website too says "yourdomain.com -Index Page", i would change that to the name of your forum.

    Also, you might want to actually create a main website with content that will attract people. Since you don't have any content you won't be making it onto any search engines. You should look into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), because you arent on standard put into google searches, and without making it into the search engines no one is going to know your site exsists.
    Then again there is a google ad on that page, did you put that on there?

    Anyhow, id suggest making a main website with content that has a link to your forum, redesigning the forum with a new skin and renaming the sub forums with better descriptions, and create a new banner that says the name or what the forums about. :) Hope that helps a bit
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