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A "good" friend told me this the other day...

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So i'm talking to a good friend of mine the other day and he says to me laughingly...."Wouldn't it be cool to come back from the dead and haunt your ex-wife for the rest of her days? You could make her turn into a sniveling, drooling psycho-bitch from Hell in a straight-jacket in a padded cell..". I chuckled softly...He continued..." of course you and I know there are no such things as "ghosts", BUT for the under educated, well, they believe that crap".

It immediately occurred to me that HIS ex-wife was definitely under educated and not only did she believe in ghosts, she was already freakin fruitloops. She use to be afraid to go out on the porch at night because she was convinced that deer and other forest animals would be staring at her...lol!

Well I asked him the next, most obvious question. "So how would YOU "haunt" your ex-wife? Yeah this last one who took your reason for being alive away. She lied about something so insidious and disgusting, that only some one diagnosed as being psychotic could even entertain the f**king idea, because you caught HER FATHER doing this disgusting thing that she accused you of doing, and the end result of this particular psychotic break, was that you "lost" both your DAUGHTERS forever!

I could see the tears in his eyes as the pain leaked to the surface....he cleared his throat and said, almost in a whisper, "yeah and in this case lost forever is the same feeling of loss as if they had DIED, like my other daughter in a previous marriage who did die from SIDS when she was only 3 months old in 2001." He paused for a moment, his tears poised, then continued, "I will never forget Evaleen, because she was my baby girl. I raised her from birth. I took care of her 23 hours a day. Her mother wouldn't, so someone had too!" "She WAS MY BABY GIRL", he emphasized. I remembered that he had told me that she was named after his mom, who he was really close to.

There was an understandable pause as he tried to collect his thoughts. He took a deep breath, sighing tiredly and continued, "I raised my other 2 girls the same way. I raised them from the age of 2 and 3 and they were my babies. I raised them to be loving, affectionate and trusting. We were big on hugs and kisses. I told them I loved them 20 or more times a day. They thrived and grew into 2 really special young ladies because of how I nurtured them. Same as before, someone had to and it wasn't gonna be their mother or bio father."

"They were my babies...."

His face hardened and with resolve he spoke these words to me, "I will develop, plan and execute a strategy, that when I die, will be unleased, seeking to destroy the falsehoods she has knowingly perpetrated against me. There will be a tremendous release of information into the data stream that should grab someones attention. You know the same information that if I were ever allowed to stand in a courtroom and present it to an impartial jury or judge, would immediately return my girls to me. But you know, in this State, step-fathers have no "standing" in a courtroom, even if they have been accused of this disgusting thing." He continued..." She will be buried in an information overload that will accuse and convict her of being the ultimate cause of my Death. She will be haunted by that thought until she slips into insanity."

The rest will be history, I realized.

"There is a Universal justice and its eye's are always watching YOU..."
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