A good night.

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    Tonight for the first time in a long time... i can validly say that i had a good night. i played catch with my dad in the front yard, we haven't done that... since well since the divorce. we talked, something we never seem to do anymore, we talked about my car accident last Friday and how were going to fix my jeep, talked about family and the people i don't get to see because my mother holds a grudge on them. i miss the way it was before this.. after he left i sat on my front porch in the dark and cried... for real for the first time in a long time... i don't know why i just did, even now i still cant stop. its like everything all at once hit me about the whole of these past seven years... and its right there. there are no words for how much i want to fix all the stuff that has happened... but, nights like tonight, ending a bad day... i would never touch these...
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    I am so happy your father took time to be apart of your life No you cannot fix the problems the adults have made that is their doing but i am glad you had such a good day and hope you have many more with your dad.
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    i'm glad you had a good night with your dad too. it seems like you needed it. :)