A Grave's Whisper

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    “A Grave’s Whisper”

    “Unendurable!,” a faint voice utters
    As if spoken from the cavernous minutia inside stone
    Instinct is betrayed
    Lost between the blankets of sins
    Against the humanity from within

    A Grave’s whisper becomes ever insistent
    Begging for the embrace of a once intolerant nemesis
    In defeat, the enemy excepts

    Sinister reminders of lost time
    Perpetuate in that filthy hole
    The man realizes he has reached the gallows
    Of temporary torment
    And then it swiftly comes
    A future, and forever, apathy

    A Grave’s Whisper is forgotten
    As is everything around him
    He has passed everything by
    The glory stage becomes a blank slate
    fading into the past
    The prime of life permanently sealed off

    And thus
    The tragedy of a Grave’s whisper
    Comes to a close​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.