a great loss

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  1. A great loss
    i will never see
    a touch
    a kiss
    someone holding me

    i've lost myself
    my feelings
    my hopes
    all i have left
    is a husk of a body
    torn and broken
    scarred and mutilated

    my tears choke me
    my blood screams inside my veins
    begging me to release
    bitter disdain
    for the life so dear
  2. Arggggggggggh - I hurts to read this! Why does there have to be so much pain??

  3. Its how I feel, or the lack thereof feeling
  4. That pain is what *I* come here to share.
    It didn't seem fair to say what I said,
    but it wasn't a question ---
    it was an exclamation,
    for it is a question without answer...
    I just felt your pain when I read your words...
    some of us carry so much ~
    so much...

    it makes me weep

    I felt your words

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    :hug: :hug:
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