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A greeting and request for help

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First of all, hello. I hope to find some useful info here, and maybe can help some others in the future.

I am a 31 year-old guy with a few things going on.

I used to live with my brother and a friend, and had many friends around me. I moved out on my own about 15 months ago, and retreated into my own little world, which includes a significant alcohol habit.

The result is that I am miserable and alone. I've dealt with depression and suicidal thought since my early teen years, but things are pretty bleak now. Having an adult concept of economic and social reality has not helped me. It makes me more suicidal than I otherwise would be.

There are very few barriers left at this point. One of the last was my mother's mental stability. However, on Thanksgiving there was an incident that took away that condideration.

So, anyway, what is there except AA? That's not going to happen.

I'm not looking for sympathy or pleading, but if you have any alternative resources , I'd appreciate them. I'm in a pretty bad place.
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Welcome to the site.....glad your here....I dont know where too many people are from....but I wouldnt mind helping you out.....thier must be resources online...or in your yellow pages as well...plus our sunday paper does this...so maybe yours does to...they put a list of all the different support groups that are out thier in the paper.....but let me know what I can do to help....send me a PM if you want to keep things private...take care.....

P.S.-if you want to, you could PM me your zip code, and I will get you specific help for you, and be able to help you make phone calls later on if you need me too find out info, I dont mind calling anonimously for you....
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Hi there and welcome to the forum,

I'm really sorry that you're going through so much right now, although i'm glad that you have found this site. I hope it helps you somehow, even if it only helps you to see that you're not alone. Unfortunately I am from the UK so am not aware of any support available in Philadelphia, but like Jodi, I would be more than happy to help search online for any if that would help.

You say that you used to live with your brother and a friend.. are you still in touch with your brother and your friend? I wonder if they are aware of how you're feeling right now and maybe they'd be able to offer you a little support through this tough time?

I know when I moved out of home and in to my own apartment, I found it very lonely. At the moment I'm back living with my mum temporarily and although it sucks, it does help me as just having someone else in the house helps ease the loneliness. Is there any possibility you could house share again? If not with your brother and friend, maybe find somewhere else to live?

I hope to hear more from you (if you want).. and hope that things improve for you. Please try to take care of yourself and remember that there is help available.. this website for one.. and Jodi and I are more than willing to find local help for you too :)

Jenny x
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