a heart bleeding deep

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    another day goes by.
    as i see my life before my eyes
    i know its going to be hard to say goodbye
    in the little amount of time i have to cry

    my God, where did i go wrong?
    you know i am not that strong
    do not see how i can hold on
    my things, my home all gone

    why do i have to endure this?
    its nothing but painful bliss
    tell me why it is?
    that i endure pain such as this.

    my heart is bleeding deep
    i cant close my eyes and sleep
    many things i wanted to keep
    are all now a pile of heap

    tell me why it is so?
    i really need to know.
    i am in a deep hole
    no one loves me , no , not even one soul

    my words were spoken in truth
    but a forgotten past demanded proof
    turned my life around to new
    but my past remains shining through

    how can i bury it for good?
    Lord, how i wish i could
    you remember it no more and i wish i could
    why cant they drop it like you would?

    this day turns into night
    i have to give up this fight
    lord, i know its not right
    but i see no end in sight

    this pain is hard to endure
    it will take me for sure
    a broken heart without a cure
    a loving dove so pure

    its time for me to go home wrapped in Jesus loving arms
    stop this hurt and take me from all harm
    the trumpet sounds i hear the alarm
    i feel like a lucky charm

    when i lay down to sleep
    my pain, sorrow, fear, anger, tears i will not keep
  2. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    why not just show them proof...just to prove them wrong?? :blink:
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    well i told them i can send a copy to them.. all i need is an address , but it will have to be by regular mail.. i dont have a scanner .. i can send it to them after the first of december, but is it really going to help? i can send it to them then the next time something happens like this, they will need me to send something again... when is it ever going to be enough?

    i have nothing against sending it to them.. if they want a copy they can pm me an addy and i will send it to them.. or they can call the police themselves.. i gave the number, the officer who came out i gave them his badge number , name and all.. its a matter of public record , i know they can access it...

    if they or you or anyone else wants to see the actual home and what remains left of it then like i said earlier, go to the lsn and after i get photos it will be placed online there.. because im determined to see him in jail for destroying my home..