A high school Rant about love... meh...

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    Well, I'm madly in love with a girl who's a year younger than me (sophomore), but she doesn't seem to like me much and already has a boyfriend. It's a serious relationship, and i'm happy for them because they are happy together, but, well I guess you could say I'm jealous. One part of me wants to let her go with her choice, because her bf is a really nice guy. But the other half wants to keep trying, its in the "theres no lost cause if theres still a fool to fight for it" mentality. It's so frustrating, because I would treat her like a princess, but I don't know how to express myself in the way that I really am, not how society has conditioned me to be. Because with me, there are two sides: 1) the one that acts socially acceptable and can fit in with most groups and 2) the one that is actually how I feel, but i suppress because I want to fit in. Now im scared that the 2nd one is fading and the first one is taking over. fuck my life...
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    Ah remember this feeling well.
    I know she feels like the only one at the moment, but honestly, there will be so many girls before the right one come along.
    Relax and enjoy the journey.
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    I would love too, but I just can;t shake the feelings. Easier said then done, i guess :/