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A horrible sadness, please say hello.

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It just overwhelmed me within the last hour. My guard must of went down.
I Just need some nice words or company, until I repair my temporary emotional firewall. Stupid I know.


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Heyroo! We are here for you! Keep taling, venting if you need to.

We are here to lend an ear. You are right there with you!



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Hi NiceGuyKC,

I hope you aren't still feeling any ill effects from the hangover you had a few nights ago. Secondly, I hope you stay safe and feel a little better soon. I'm always up for a chat; whatever you want to talk about (as long as it's appropriate, of course! :D).


Take care,



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Hi KC,

I'm happy that you are here. I've been reading your posts over the last week, and have noticed that you have begun battling back and helping others. I bet, like me, you get good feelings from helping others.

We are all here for each other. Like the penny tray at stores here in the USA - "if you need one, take one, if you have one, leave one".


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Damn that hangover was bad, Mr alex.
It does make me feel better rosco, but I'm not great with replies to people in pain.
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