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a horrid day

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Ok so today wasa bad day. I was woken by one of the cats scratching. Then when i opened my eyes he jumped up on the bed, as he did he scratched me in the eye so i now have a black eye with scabs round it. I had loads planned and although i got up early i didnothing. Just sat at the pc. As the day drew on i felt more and more sick. Im barely eatin anything for the basic reason that we have no food in. Cos we have no money until tomorrow. At 2pm i slept for 2 hours. Then when marc got home from worki went outside to feed the rabbits only to find them running round the garden, which is yet to be bunny-proofed. Was a nightmare. So now they are in the house in the cat carriers until we get something sorted. Im finding everything such a strain. I need to lose weight but cant seem to find the energy to do anything. I really dont know whats wrong with me. Sorry just needed to rant. Thanks


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Have you noticed you get days like this, seems as if some mischievous goblin decides that today u win the "get buggered" prize!
Hope tomorrow is somewhat better :hug:


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Sorry you had such a rough day. And dont you hate how they all seem to just keep coming? I hope today is better. Maybe, if the weather is good, just get a chair and a book and sit outside and enjoy the day doing nothing in particular at all but knowing it's ok cuz you are allowing yourself a lazy day :arms:
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