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A Huge Depression Issue

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I have taken many depresseion tests online and have answered them honestly and most of them say I have very severe depression. I cant adequetly complete my schoolwork, I have no freinds and i just have no intrest in life. But I have never been formally diagnosed with depression.

That is the problem. My family does not have enough money, nor do my parents care to take me to a counseler/psycologist/doctor whoever so I can see what is wrong with me and maybe get help. The reason why i want this cuase i am thinking about ending my life becuase of my problems with depression and other major problems in my life. But that story is for a different place at a different time i guess.

So what I was wondering was is there anything I can do about this. Is there anything I can do to formally see if i have a problem
Some insurances cover it..

:hug: There's always a way. If you're depressed you need help. and deserve that help. so there's gotta be a way.

I dont know much on this subject.. specialists and all but I just wanted to offer an ear if needed.. talking can at least help a bit with depression... so I've learned...

sorry I'm not much help otherwise :sad:
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