A Humpful Of Wednesday!

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Godsdrummer, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    Hey, what do you know? IT'S HUMP DAY!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

    So, what is going on today?

    As for me, I am fighting back today. I am planning on putting up some scary stuff today in the forums. Time to fight back and kick death's ass!!!

    Today, damn it, we are ALL going to have a good day, even if I have to come and drag allya'll's butts out of the mud of despair!

    Check in, say hi, and have a great day.

    Remember, these daily threads are were friendships are nourished.

    Now, go out and HUMP the one you love!
  2. 1izombie

    1izombie Well-Known Member

    I love ur dailt thread..great idea..today is not my hump day but rather my monday...i have a fucked up work schedule so no humping for me today..ermm yeah soooo it should be a good day cause afterwork i get to go to a comedy club with my best friend!!!! YAY!!!
  3. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    I love comedy clubs.

    I am going to have to put off my idea until tomorrow, with regards to scaring people straight. I left my book at home! lol
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