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    A Journey
    By:Austin White
    A journey through the pain and struggles

    There are deep deep sorrows
    That makes us not want to see tomorrow
    There is hurt in every individual
    That makes them want to cry
    I cant see the light
    I feel as I'm loosing the fight
    I just want to see the wonderful and glorious light
    The war wages on
    It engulfs me
    I struggle for an out reached hand
    There is nobody in sight
    The evil force attacked me again
    I battled
    Still there is no one to help
    I continue to battle
    I feel like I'm loosing the fight
    I get this Super Natural strength
    To help me fight the evil forces
    Then this powerful man descends from the sky
    And pulls me from this waging war
    He defeats the evil force once and for all
    He is my Lord
    The maker of all.
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    I love it!! Amazing poem:biggrin:
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