A large part of my mind hates me

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    It rules my life by generating fearful thoughts and visuals. It makes every conniving plan possible to make me doubt myself. It always succeeds no matter how hard I try to ignore it. Latest example, yesterday night I was listening to delta binaural beats to relax myself to sleep. The moment I started listening my mind started generating scary visuals and thoughts like "if you listen to this you will get nightmares, don't listen...you will have an out of the body experience....demons will enter your dream" I ignored but whenever I closed my eyes it started creating scary visuals. It was trying its best to make me stop. I managed to listen to the entire track but what's the use? I was supposed to fall asleep during the session.During the whole session I felt sleepy and wanted to sleep badly but my mind was not letting me sleep.My mind made me convinced that I should not go to sleep whilst listening to brainwave entrainment. The fear my mind created was so powerful that I had to listen to usual songs on my ipod later to fall asleep. I've many brainwave entrainment Cd's for relaxation, meditation, sleep, ADD but what's the use? I want to help myself. I want to make positive changes in my life but a part of mind sabotages all my efforts. It sees only negativity. It feels threatened by everything. I read somewhere that listening to delta waves causes vivid dreams. My mind feels that I will only get nightmares. It believes that only bad things will happen. I don't know how to control my mind. I give up.
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    You do not have to give up. Take the control back- when your trying to sleep or relax the mind can easily take over and move us to places we do not want to be at. Likely we have all felt similar demons at one point or another in out lives.

    Try a simple exercise? With an open mind? Write down 3 to 5 goals - things you would like to do and accomplish. Pin them on your mirror where you brush your teeth, the wall beside the bed, any and every place you will see on a regular basis, the radio or cd player, the side of the TV, any ans every where. It will start to sink in after a couple days ans instead of the mind drifting to unwanted places it will drift to these things. It will try to cheat at first by making you see only the difficulties in achieving them, but it will also start making you devise plans to achieve them. Control your mind instead of letting it control you.

    Take Care and Be Safe