A Leg Up

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    My legs are a little stronger today; I had an IV treatment for 6 hours and afterwards I can feel a part of my leg which has been numb since 07/06/10…the last day I walked…there is pain where there was nothing…never thought I would like pain…tonight, I am wearing workout pants for the first time since July as I could put them on…maybe one day I will be able to take a shower…had a few in the hospital, but it was being put in a tile room that everyone used and I cried throughout the whole shower…I feel blessed tonight. Maybe someday, I will walk again…I want that almost as much as I want air…I promised myself, that with each improvement I would do more dharma work...tonight I met a woman I really like who is in so much pain...I hope she makes it;she remains in my thoughts and prayers, and if she reads this, I hope she knows she is now in my heart...J