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    i have going thru all the cards from when mom died, and looking at pictures. i have been encouraged to make a tribute video to my mother but am having a hard time finding enough photos. In going thru these things i found a letter that moms doctor wrote after she passed...i have never known a doctor to write a personal letter to the family of a passed patient. What it says strikes a cord deep down inside of me, the things this man speaks of are what i remember of my mother and not of the woman i saw at the end. I would like to share this letter with u all.

    Please accept my condolences regarding Ellen's passing. I wanted you all to know how privileged i feel to have been able to know ur mother and daughter over these past eight years.

    As you know, she was a remarkable person bursting with kindness and grace. She touched so many people in our office over the years since she came her; doctors, nurses, phebotomists, medical assistants, and patients all fell for her.

    Susan and Meg, she glowed when she related to me what the two of you were up to. She was so proud of everything about the two of you. Neither of you may have given her permission to divulge information about yourselves; however, many of us here know quite a bit about the two of you. She certainly does have so much to be proud of.

    Ellen was able to thrive over the past eight years, sharing life with her wonderful family, continuing to work, and often living a normal life because of the amazing support that she received from all four of you. How blessed she was to have the devotion of her parents throughout those years. It was a great pleasure for me to get to know all of you.

    I will miss Ellen terrifically. I will remember her most for the joy she derived in her daughters and her perseverance in maintaining a normal life, particularly continuing the work with the little ones. Frankly, i don't know, of anybody that has ever recieved more infections passed on from children in such a short period of time.

    Please know that my thoughts are with you all. Her memory will go on with all of us.
    Douglas J. Weckstein, MD
    New Hampshire Oncology Hematology

    Many of u will think its odd that i have left the names intact in this letter but for the purpose of knowing who Dr W is talking to, it was essential that they stay in. U may also think it is odd that i have put the doctors full name and name of the office in...i am doing this in hope that it will help someone.
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    That is truly a touching letter hun. What a wonderful tribute to your mother. :hug:
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    you are not standing alone. May she RIP.