A letter to a person who made my life devastated and miserable..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Kimi, Jul 24, 2008.

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    I don't need any reply to this post.. I am writing this to a person who treated my life as rubbish and made my life going to commit suicide.

    Dear *******,

    My life has been changed to think about suicide all the time over three years and especially since last year my life is getting more miserable and miserable.

    I didn't want to go through the thing I never wanted.. But since then, I started to think about ending my life.. you constantly destroyed my feeling again and again... in cruel way..

    Now you believe every thing happened to you were because of me.. That is wrong. I didn't do anything about what happened you recently. I tried to prove that but again there was no chance to discuss with this matter.. You always give me no chance to discuss important things..

    Only if you could listen to my pleading in May 2005, my life is completely opposite from current my life.. You controlled my life to be miserable which I can never change what happened to me.. I pleaded you many times as I had known I never ever wanted what you wanted me to do..

    You are having fantastic life having own baby and eternal love...

    I am envy of you so much..

    I don't want to be insane so that I need to end my life before winter comes..

    It was like a dream when I experienced lovely time first time in my life and I believed your words... I didn't know you are experienced that kind of things..

    I wanted to prove I didn't do anything to the matter you are furious at me..

    This makes me to end my life more and more..

    I will finish my life which you are hoping to happen.
Thread Status:
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