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A letter to myself

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this is a letter that i wrote to myself while i was thinking like Anorexia would if it were a person...Anorexia = Ana

Look into that mirror, say to yourself that it is you. Does the mirrror tell you lies? Reality shows the bones, but the mirror lies to you. You are skinny, but not beautiful. Bones are not beauty, and food is a necessity. Step back from the scale, step back from this life. Measures are small, but you yourself aren't measuring up to life. I will suduce you until you are nothing. I will steal your weight and happiness. You are mine, you will always be mine, you will never stop. I will be your thinspiration. Lose the weight, lose your life.

Love Ana

I wrote this letter to myself, and everytime that i want to starve myself or vomit up the food that i have already forced down while trying to become healthy, it helps me to realise that what i am doing to myself isnt right. that it isnt me who wants to lose the weight, it is the disease.

So i hope it helps you a little bit, my letter helps me a lot :)

Feel free to post your own letters here. I would love to read them. :hug:
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