A letter you will never read

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    How distant you seem now when every kind word is meet with suspicion contradictions and sharp words. My love have no place for you and all my efforts are wasted and useless.

    I find my self saying sorry to you every time we chat, still its you that hurts me over and over and me trying to make you feel better and always standing up for you. I try to keep you up but you shut me out from your world and point out how little my efforts matter and how wrong I am about just everything.

    We used to talk for days, early morning we would get up, late at night we would go to bed, the love we shared before the fall.

    Now every good deed was turned to something bad and every ounce of faith In us was clenched from existence.

    Its with pain I realize that I can not reach you anymore and that you will never love me like you used to.

    For all that its worth I was always faithful and I loved you true.
    I will always cherish the time when I could put a smile on your face.

    I tried to stay strong but I am loosing you dear.

    My last wishes for you Is that you discover true happiness and love and when you have found someone I wish that you let yourself be loved by that person.
    More then anything I hope you come to love yourself and can slowly dismantle the hard crust you had to enclose yourself in to survive in your world.

    I never got the pleasure to meet you in person my dear friend but you are always a part of me now and I will never forget the strong love we shared. Those crazy days when we could not get enough. Those days when we like old couples second guessed what the other person was going to say. Those days when we wanted eachother so bad. Those where the days before the fall.

    Everything have its time and its place.
    I read the signs and I have lived long enough to see..

    to see where its coming to an end
    and to understand that there is a reason

    To comfort me is the knowledge
    that it will be okey

    someone will care for you and stay with you
    and that person will be your partner in thick and thin

    I´m on borrowed time here and all I was sent to do was to give you what I have given. I once strongly beleaved I had found my true love in you and that my lonely days was over but I was foolish and wrong. I am not here for longer then a little while, I feel it coming closer now and I will soon be gone for good.

    You still have a big role to play my dear superwoman and one day you will not need all that armour any-more. Id wish to be there when it happens but Its not part of my path for all I can see and I might never be there when you find it.

    What I do know is that my heart will always hold your memory dear and I will always cheer for your team, for as long as I live.
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    You need to be strong for you and not another your strength to stay strong needs to be one of self hope as well for one cannot just live for another being.
    There will be others who will love you in return and will cherish everything you do together but first you need to survive for you so others can see that special person you truly are. Stay strong and believe another love is out there even better. take care.