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  1. Abacus21

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    OK - for those of you who don't know about the UK (or to be more precise, English) education system, it goes:

    Start of Secondary School / High School

    Years / Grades 7-10: No proper exams
    Years / Grades 10-11: GCSEs [General Certificate of Secondary Education], which aren't too hard in all essence.
    Years / Grades 12-13 [Optional]: A-Levels [Advanced Levels], which are much harder.

    I got, for my GCSES:

    A: BCS, English, German, RE
    B: English Lit, History, ICT
    C: Science, Music, Maths
    D: Technology

    [Actual thread can be found here]

    This is all very well and good, but now, I'm doing my A-Levels.

    I'm taking:


    Exams so far

    Now, as of yet, the only exams (mock or real) I've done are in German (mock oral) and Psychology (real, unit 1 out of 3).

    For my German, I would have gotten a U (a fail), due to the fact that I didn't speak long enough. I need to improve on my confidence for that, and understand what I'm trying to say.

    For my Psychology, I also got a U, but what's more worrying is that I revised my arse off for that test.
    I got 38/40 (40 being a pass mark).
    I need 120 points to get into next year, so that means that I need at a D or higher in the next two exams of the year, which are in May.

    Progress so far


    I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing in it at the moment, but things such as the website building thing are hard... I think I'm failing in that module (1 of 4), but in the other 3 (Excel, general ICT, and business ICT-thing), I think I'm doing good.


    I'm not sure how I'm doing in this, really.
    Sure, my German has improved quite a bit, but in exams I'm not that good so far.
    It's rather demoralising to be at A standard in GCSE, then around D / E standard at A-Level (which are much harder, but even still).


    I think I'm doing reasonably OK in this.
    But my essay results are all over the place.
    D > B > C > D etc.

    I'm not sure what I can do either, except revise my arse off for the exam and hope it works out.


    This is the only subject I am 99% sure that I'll get a good mark on.
    I'm apparently very good at it - analysing and asking questions, and phrasing it correctly etc.

    I get high marks consistently in Philosophy, which is good.


    This subject is very interesting, and I'm motivated to do it for sure.
    But, I got a U in my last exam, and as a result am not sure how I'll do in the next one, as I'm not sure where I went wrong in the first!

    I spoke with my dad about it, and he said that any mark at A-Level is a good result, which I suppose is true, but yet - most universities won't accept lower than a B or C grade.

    Still - I'll update this thread as inspiration hits me or things happen.
  2. Scum

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    Ok, that's not true about unis not accepting lower than a B or C. And also, at uni, they will make adaptions to accept you onto a course.

    I got accepted onto my course with a D in the subject, and came out with a brilliant degree, and second in the class, even though most people had achieved higher A-level grades. Sometimes studying the A level way does not suit someone, yet degree level does. (I also had a friend that got accepted onto a degree course based on an E, and the only other grade she got was another E, so as you can see, it is very flexible; she is now a successful teacher. The decent courses can see potential in people, not just the grades).

    Your dad is right, any grade is good. And I did the same as you, went from an A level achiever at GCSE to a D/E achiever at A-level, but that was just because the study style and place did not work for me.

    If things go wrong with your courses this year, then you can always do a mis of A's and AS's next year and then do a third year to get the other A levels.

    Everything becomes so much more flexible from here on in. It might be confusing, and it might be stressful, but whatever happens you always have options.

    Good luck with it all Joe
  3. Wonderstuff

    Wonderstuff Staff Alumni

    I can back up Scum here hun, I loved English all through school and now I'm at uni it's completely different, more technical, and I hate it :tongue:
    I know that's not a good example maybe, but it's an example.
    Hang in there. I have faith in you, you're a good student. You will do just fine, wait and see :) :hug:
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