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a lil about myself

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-A BlackStreet-

hello everyone

as you see my handle here is "a blackstreet." my life seems to be traveling down a blackstreet right now. all the lights are off including my head lights. no alley to turn down that has lights on. i found this website by accident. hopefully there will be some lights on here with all you wonderful people embracing my moments.

a lil about myself: i am bipolar I (right now i am on my high) waiting to hit my low. i take 6 medications to control my disorders. i have pstd dealing with trauma, and i am trying to live with ocd with terrible suicidal thoughts.

i am in a very stable loving relationship with all this going on in my life. i believe that i make life harder than it really is. so that is a lil about me. i am just glad that i found this forum, a place that i can call a "home." i can come here and talk about what is going on in my head without judgement or someone thinking that i am crazy. this is going take alot of stress off my mind. ahhhhh

just want to give a shout out to the creators of this site, thank you!


good to have you here... and glad you are on your up

me sever depression... never no ups.. i am on 3 meds and well they dont seem to be working ... some i guess

but i think we all need to just get things off our chest and thus find help within us or with those we confide in

i hope you can always reach out and find help


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Hi and Welcome to the site!

I too hope that this site can light up some lights for you.. im very glad that you have found us. Sometimes it can help, just to have a safe place to talk about how you're really feeling.. safe in the knowledge that many of us here understand and can relate to what you're feeling and going through

I look forward to seeing you around :)
Jenny x


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:welcome: to SF. I am glad you found a place you can come to share your thoughts and feelings and feel safe in doing so. This site is a wonderful form of support for all of us. We share in each others joy as well as our pain. We all do what we can to help each other out. I am looking forward to seeing you more around the forum. Maybe we can meet in chat sometime. Take care. :hug:
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