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a little better today...

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Lady Byron

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today was a little better than two days ago. my cousin noticed the cuts, i lied and said it was our cat. today was the first time in a couple of weeks that i was truly happy. FRIDAY!! TGIF! school's out for two days... thank god seriously. i've haven't cut for a two days though. i feel a little under the weather right now though. kind of empty. like i'm totally hollowed out. it's okay though. it's a lot better than feeling the firery rage i have felt since school got out, also better than the total sadness i have felt too. it kind of sucks cause i'm still alone... always alone. i guess my mind is my worst enemy and my best friend though. cause it's the only thing i trust... sort of. it feels really good to get a lot of things off my chest though. tomorrow, i'm gonna piss my brother off :biggrin:. that sounds kind of cruel, but i'm gonna do it. because all he has caused me is grief. grief, pain, suicidal thoughts, cuts... my emotions. he has made me abuse myself mentally, physically, emotionally...
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