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A little bit about me

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Life for me has always been challenging. I seem to cope by avoidance and denial. I would rather not know something that would upset me, prefer to be in the dark on such matters.*

People are so mean, I just don't understand why. I am very sensitive, the smallest things can upset me and then I feel like getting the hell out of what ever situation I'm in. I'm only nice to people, but always get such attitude back, someone I thought was my friend said to me, they don't want to be friends, they have enough friends already. Ouch!

This is the first time someone has said this to me aloud, but I'm sure this happens quietly all the time and this is so sad. I would have done anything to help this person out, yet I can't even make it on their friends list.

All this happened a few months ago but I still can't get over it. I have practically no close friends at the moment, I get lonely all the time. Feels like people already have their own circles of friends and they are unwilling to let anyone else in.

I'm on anti-depressants for depression and anxiety. I have also been diagnosed with social anxiety. I can manage in groups of people sometimes, I will feel totally comfortable at times, but if anything makes me slightly uncomfortable, well, it's all downhill from there.

Guess I'll end things off there. This is my first post, so just trying this out. Hope this helps me sort through all my muddled emotions.
Hi Grantw,

Firstly welcome to SF, I hope you find the support you need and deserve here. By the sounds of things, life is a struggle for you right now. I'm sorry to hear that.

Your so-called 'friend' is a jerk, I'm sorry to say. There is no need for that sort of inconsideration, and I understand that must have hurt you a LOT. But it all takes time. Do you really want to be friends with the sort of people who are that rude and mean mannered? There are some really decent people in this world, and you will meet some of them along the way, and THOSE people will be the kinda people you deserve to be friends with. People who won't hurt you, or walk away, because that isn't your fault (as you said, you have only ever been nice to these people), it is their attitude. I know this doesn't help much now, when you feel so alone, but that's when you need to use SF. People here will help as much as they can, people here care. Lean on SF users for support when you need it, post more on the forums, and try out chat if you enjoy that sort of thing. People are here to listen.

Do you feel your antidepressants are beneficial to you? If not, consider going back to the doctors so it can be reviewed :)

Thinking of you. Take care :hug:

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Thanks for letting us know a bit about you Some people your right can be so dam cruel and mean I hope you can get out and meet up with better people join new groups activities and meet people with your same interest. Don't let this persons cruelty ignorance deter you okay. She is not worthy of friends you are I hope with therapy you can reach out more and see there are kind people out there as well. Lots of kind people here to meet sokeep posting okay hugs to you
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