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    I primarily write in a very aggressive Powerviolence format, as angry music is typically my only healthy way to outlet my hate and anxieties.

    Aspiration; parts 1-2

    There's so much passion flowing through me,
    Yet I find myself transfixed on what could have been,
    Solace in these words no more, as ever directionless text submerges my body in letters home I never wrote.
    Comedy of Christ, so perverse.
    This is my cross, and I alone shall bear it.
    {His arms are weak,
    as the open road
    spills on the expanse
    Doomed to eternally walk!} 3x
    I don't want to move,
    But I don't want to sit
    So I'll wander this room in circles transversing the world in my head, where I can be the hero not the sacrifice.
    "Atlas I am no more.
    Tonight your starlit sky crumbles to the ashes and tears that are all I have to show for my purgatory!"
    This he screamed out into the dreamscape.


    Toxin. Venom. Hate. Fear.
    Possession. Oppression. Dominate me.
    Kill me. Lord knows I have it coming.
    Black wings envelope.
    This clock is ticking
    Like the demons
    That are dragging me:

    Far down.

    This will never last.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.