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    I'm pretty close with my friend D, but recently, he's been acting somewhat weird and I'm not sure how to handle it

    When I came home one day telling him how his best friend was really pissing me off and being pretty rude, he went off on how it was unacceptable for this friend to be that rude to me, and apparently was called a terrible best friend for taking my side when there weren't really sides to be taking.

    A few days after my school semiformal, my best friend asked me if there was anything happening between D and myself, or if there was a chance anything COULD happen there.

    Last night, we were texting for a solid 3+ maybe even 4 hours.

    I really like talking to him, and I really enjoy his company. He's a very nice guy, and I kinda do have a little bit of a crush on him. I just pushed that crush aside when he and my friend T were trying to see if there was anything between them. I pushed that crush aside when I got deferred from college; despite it being there, I just didn't have the time for distractions. And I still don't

    So why am I still letting him/it distract me? And what happens next? Do I wait for him to do something or do I do something myself? Where's the map telling me where the hell I go from here?
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    kind of love felling and may b one of ur phase...
    enjoy man... life comes just one.. so live it
    and have fun...:wink:
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    apparently he's still in love with the ex

    go figure