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a little over a week ago...

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i was raped. by this truck driver that was following me for quite some time. i had the intention of killing myself that night. i was in a different state when this happend. it was in the middle of the night and i was miles from any town...so i pulled over on the side of the road to get something out of my trunk when the semi pulled up behind me. the guy asked me if anything was wrong and i said no that i was just getting something to eat. he said oh okay then. he turned around and so did i. then he grabbed me and raped me. i said no and please stop. but he didnt. when he was finished he threw me on the ground. i just layed there crying because i didnt no what to do. he took my virginity away from me. i feel so worthless about it all. i didnt even go to the cops. instead i drove home. crying. i went to the cops yesterday but they didnt beleive me. so now i have lost all hope in living.
What assholes!!!!! I understand. there was a time when I was raped, I met someone in a chat room, and he came to see me and he just started touching me and I said I wouldn't have sex with him but he raped me....I was 14 and I told someone in Indiana told her not to call them. She did anyway, the cops came, I finally told them. Then they take me in for the rape kit and ect. Then the detective said well I think you like the boys and I said what?? he said well I think you are easy and have sex with a lot of boys and I gave them my computer, clothes and all. Nothing wa EVER done. I think I can understand hun, and it isn't fair of them to treat us like that all it does is make us feel worse, ashamed, bad, and untrusting.


I'm really sorry that nobody believed you, that really pisses me off:mad: I understand what its like to be raped and...its not exactly a walk in the park. I hope your doing okay though.
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