A little poem that I have to share

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Asbo, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Asbo

    Asbo Member

    My key in the lock just echos on wall,
    No cheerful 'Hi Honey' but how strong I recall,
    The room seems in darkness though daylight shines in,
    So strong are the memories but how long has it been?

    I must leave this place its still full of lies,
    Her utter betrayal and my tearful goodbyes.
    I gave her a book to read every year
    And told her that love guards against fear.

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  2. lestat

    lestat Guest

    Excellent. I like the emotions in it and the rhymes. Tell me what you think about this.

    Sometimes I wish I could change my past,
    Mend the hearts I’ve broken and mend mine last.
    Go back in time and do better in school,
    Instead of hanging with the fellas and actin a fool.
    I used to not care about a thing in the world,
    Now I have to suffer as the consequences continue to unfurl.
    When all is quiet, you think about the keypoints in your life,
    About the harsh words you’ve used and the person you chose to be your wife.
    At the time you’re so blinded by the emotion,
    You ignore everyone’s advice until the day that you drown in pain as deep as the ocean.
    The anguish that you feel tears your heart apart,
    At that point you can see clear as day the problems from the start.
    You then wonder why you can only truly grasp something after it takes place,
    Because If we knew what would happen from the beginning we would save so much face
    As we get older we still make the same stupid mistakes,
    Why do we let ourselves get so hurt as our lives go to waste.
    We get older and start living more in the past,
    As the future is so dark it seems the sunlight cannot last.
    One day we’ll all be lying in our beds sick and ready to die,
    Our last thoughts are of our loved ones as we begin to cry.
    Realizing our time in this world is coming to an end,
    The best we can hope for is lots of family and friends.
  3. Asbo

    Asbo Member

    Thanks, I like yours to. It shows how much you care about other people and put them first. Take care.
  4. me1

    me1 Well-Known Member

    I like both of them. They're very good.
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