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A little scared, some advice please?

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I guess this is a continuation of my last post (or not I guess its related). I'm scared. Lies are the truths but the lies are lies as well. I have been keeping a small truth from them and im worried on what to do to help myself through it. If they found out, they'll get angry, and though they will never hit me, the words are just unbearable at what they will say to me because everything they say about me will be true. It hurts and im scared about those words. Any advice on what I could do to calm myself down?

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If you are afraid of your parents then you talk to somene else you talk to a teacher a councillor and you can ask t hem to help you talk to your parents okay Go with someone to talk to them so they cannot vent their anger like they are use to they will have to remain calm in the presence of someone else
If you do not want them to know then you tell the professional you are talking to you want it to be kept confidential but your reach out okay to someone
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