A little update. Been a while since I was last here :)

Honestly, I didn't know I had this account. I was just clearing out my email and I stumbled upon the sign-up email from 2017(?). It's crazy thought honestly. I'm just surprised, and happy, that younger me searched for help and all. A lot about me has changed since then, but I'll do my best to keep it on topic.

My tics started flaring up around the ending of 2022 but it wasn't until they got really bad in 2023 that I went to a hospital to see if there was anything I could do about it. I got a diagnosis of a tic disorder and severe depression which led to me finally getting help for my depression in June. I've been on antidepressants since then and they've helped immensely. I'm also seeing some therapists. Furthermore, I'm in uni now and I have a much better group of friends. My sister and I are really chill now. Heck, I'm chill with my entire immediate family now. It wasn't until this year, around July-ish, that they actually realised the gravity of my mental health issues and all. I'm just glad they're finally understanding. As for my "boyfriend", he was a groomer and he's been longgggg out of the picture of my life. In the following years, I discovered my queer identity. Took a while to accept myself for who I was but I finally did it!

In general, my life has really improved since. 2017 me will be quite happy to see how far I've come.

And as for the people who replied to my first and only message years ago, thank you <3 I really appreciated that.

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Always great to hear about these positive changes in the lives of members here! *agreed

Glad the medication is working too (with hopefully little, very few side effects?) and good that you have a strong network of people: Family & friends. *thumbsup

There's much to learn about mental health - glad that you have some folk close to you that understand some parts of it :) and therapists too.

Super thanks for sharing this! *stars

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