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  1. lozzie

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    WOW, it certainly has been a very long time since i have logged on!

    my apologies to my friends on here that enjoyed seeing how i was, and if u didnt then thats alright.
    I found myself here because I woke up after something very triggering happened. In fact this last few weeks somethings going on with me and i dont understand it. Perhaps its nothing but im constantly in some form of anxiety.
    When my ever so empathetic boss approached me yesterday asking what was on my mind, i blankly answered, "nothing". She knows a little more about me than most of me passed employers have ever. She says she adores me and finds me inspiring, and even she knows somethings up with me. SHe wanted me to call her after my shift because i got a little teary when she asked me if I was ok. But i couldn't find the courage to do so.
    Im 22 now and to be here typing that im not ok feel like a real let down, but to know i can always come back here and type how im feeling, it seems to have always help, even if its just to get through the night.
    Thankyou for letting me vent xxx
  2. total eclipse

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    Hi lozzie i am glad you came here to let some of the anxiety and sadness out. Hope you can talk to you doc about how you are feeling maybe something needs to be adjusted with meds
    It is nice your boss is so caring hun If and when you are ready and feel comfortable perhaps take her up on her offer ok hugs to you
  3. lozzie

    lozzie Well-Known Member

    im not on medication anymore, i was on prestiq but whilst on them i almost successfully killed myself and so now am medication free. I was diagnosed with a few things but they don't stop me. My main concern these days is anxiety but i Have kinda learned to live with it. And your right, i might take her up on the offer. It is kinda scary. I still struggle to talk about my feelings....weirdo i am...
  4. lozzie

    lozzie Well-Known Member

    u have tried natural remedies, they are a temp fix i guess. I pick up some anxiety pills just herbal ones, and am going to try them. But all in all i have got to know myself alot these past two years and learning what makes me anxious..... i dont believe i suffer from depression anymore though i still have sad times.